Tackling Fear like a High-Achiever

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Easier said than done right?
Fear is an emotion that holds us back from reaching our goals and living to our full potential. It can stop us in our tracks and prevent us from applying for that job, talking to that business leader, starting that business, etc.
Fear is not always negative; sometimes it can prevent us from making poor or dangerous decisions. Yet, being able to recognize this type of fear from a fear that should be squashed is a skill that separates the average person from a high-achiever.
According to Forbes, “High achievers know how to quell the negative self-talk in their heads and get out of their own way. They’re self-aware enough to distinguish between reality and story (i.e. excuses they tell themselves), and when it’s the latter, they rewrite their own narrative.”
Conquering your fears is the step that can take you and your business to the Next Level!
Here are five common fears high-achievers face and work to overcome:
1) Uncertainty
High achievers don’t see uncertainty as a confining boundary to avoid but rather an undiscovered area that hasn’t been explored yet.” While the unknown can be frightening, success lives in the risks you take and the choices you make. Practice letting go of inhibition and stepping out of that comfort zone.
2) Being Wrong
Wise men are not those who are never wrong, but those who learn from their mistakes. According to Forbes, “When ego gets in the way it prevents you from seeing beyond yourself, and then you become part of the problem. ”
3) Unease
Unease and anxiety, like fear, serve a purpose, to prevent us from making critical mistakes. But just because we feel anxious about something does not mean we are not capable. Think back to your first hockey game, the first time you met your wife, the interview for that great gig. You likely felt nervous and uneasy, but you went for it headfirst and came out on top. High-achievers tackle all their professional problems this way.
4) Judgement
Sometimes what others will say when we make a choice is what stops us from following our dreams. Many of us place too much value on the opinions of others. When we find ourselves in a rut, where negative opinions of ourselves begin to take over, the high achievers among us remember the saying “Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep”. Be a lion and overcome, you are capable!
5) Feedback
“Giving and receiving feedback can be uncomfortable for many people, but high achievers actively seek out feedback whereas others wait for feedback to occur. High achievers know that without feedback they can’t course correct, and if they can’t course correct then they won’t be high achievers much longer. (Forbes)” While no one likes criticism, remember not to take feedback as an attack, but as a chance to improve. The way we look at things can greatly impact the way things affect us. So, try looking at feedback as something positive, and see how it helps you grow!
When we learn to tackle these 5 fears, we can begin to thrive and reach our potential: we can take ourselves up to the Next Level!

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