Ace that Job Search!

Summer is the time of year many people look for new jobs. Maybe it’s the spring air, the feelings of newness? Maybe you are a new grad looking for your first career? Maybe you’re simply looking for a change? Whatever the reason, here at NLG, we want to help you take your job search to the Next Level!

“Job hunting can feel like a job in itself. There are currently over 6 million jobs available in the U.S. and at least that many people looking for one. It’s no wonder that it can feel like an uphill battle for so many millennial.” (Forbes)
Fortunately, good jobs are out there! You just need to know how and where to look!
According to Forbes, there are three tips to take to nail that job search:
1) Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
Reach out to your community, a recruiter, and your network to see what is out there. “Approach each conversation from the standpoint that this person might be able to help you out. Talk to everyone and follow up on all introductions. Stay on top of emails, invite someone out for a coffee, and attend that seminar or event. “ Help yourself succeed by challenging yourself to do your best!
2) Tailor your resume to your desired job.
Your resume represents you. It is a snapshot of the kind of employee you are. On your resume, it is important to include both work experience, and your soft skills. Are you a good communicator? Put that on your resume, especially for that sales job. Practical and logical? Write it down to impress the hiring manager looking for a candidate with problem-solving skills. You have the abilities; you just gotta show them off. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.
3) Keep an open mind.
Some of the best opportunities surprise us. Just because something doesn’t seem right for you initially, doesn’t mean it is not. “Make a good impression and don’t assume that the job you’re interviewing for is the only job on the table. In fact, many jobs out there aren’t even posted!” (Forbes)
And for some additional help locating that dream positing, check out our job board! We always have great opportunities on the go!

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