The Benefits of a Licensed Recruiter

We post a lot of articles, here and on LinkedIn, about varying subjects – what’s going on in the manufacturing industry; recruiting best practices; how to manage or engage your staff, among others. But one thing we don’t talk enough about are the simple benefits of partnering with a licensed recruiter.

Here’s the breakdown.

Focus your time on activities which directly impact outcomes

When you delegate the ins-and-outs of hiring to us, including the admin, paperwork and payroll that comes with it, it means your time is freed up to spend elsewhere. It means that you can focus on the tasks and activities which directly impact your business goals, while we do the leg work.

As a licensed recruiter, our expertise in pre-qualifying candidates stretches across our talented team of consultants – so you need only spend your time meeting those who you know are suitable, and who are going to solve the problem. Time well spent.

Find the top talent, not the available talent

Anyone can sift through resumes and present the best looking ones – but does doing so necessarily represent the best candidates? In our opinion, no.

On the other hand, as a licensed recruiter we’re proactively going after the market’s top talent to fill the role you’re hiring, rather than just sourcing from the active and available talent pool.

Hire better, faster

As a licensed recruiter, our network is extensive. What that means for you as a client is the ability to deliver faster outcomes, thanks to a name and reputation built on honesty, integrity and responsiveness. Your hiring process reaps the benefits we’ve painstakingly built over the years – and our good name reflects on yours as an employer.

That means people wanting to work for you. When can they start?

Understand the movers and shakers

We do this job every day. We’re consulting with clients, industry peers, on a regular basis. We’re keeping on top of what’s happening in our sector, your sector, the economy, around the world, to provide you with cutting-edge market knowledge and know-how. We’re working hard to understand the talent marketplace and deliver a recruitment solution which solves your problem regardless.

Working with a licensed recruiter isn’t just about the service itself – it’s about what there is to learn from us, too.

Extend your reach

Did we mention that we do this every day? That means we’re constantly making contacts and building referrals across the industry. By partnering with us – and that means the entire NLG team – you’re expanding your network exponentially, and opening yourself up to the massive talent pool that lies within.

Full service staffing and recruiting – no cutting corners

Being a licensed recruiter means there are standards to meet, both legally and those which we’ve of course set upon ourselves. We take our role seriously as a recruitment partner, which means ensuring we’re focused on client outcomes, efficiency and experience.

We don’t cut corners when it comes to paperwork. We don’t drag our heels when it comes to asking the tough questions. We don’t pull the punches when it comes to feedback, even if it goes against our own interests.

What we’re trying to say is, us doing our job properly depends entirely on the success of our clients.

And that’s why working with a licensed recruiter is, really, a no brainer.

We’d love for you to see it in practice.

To hear more about the services we here at Next Level Group offer, along with any questions you might have regarding the way we work, we’d love to arrange a time to have a virtual coffee. Get in touch.

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