Why We’re Hopeful About the Future of Jobs in Eastern Canada

Life within a staffing agency has been quite something over the past 18 months or so. Like so many industries, there have been peaks and troughs. And as ours is inextricably linked to the economy – moreover, the wellness of its people – it’s been interesting seeing how jobs in eastern Canada have been affected throughout.

In 2020, Canada as a whole saw a sharp rise in unemployment – from 5.7% in 2020 to 9.5% last year. That’s higher than it’s been since 2009, when unemployment sat at 8.3%1. The number of jobs rose in some sectors, while being completely wiped out in others.

Put simply, this year has been one for the books, as they say.

But with that being said, we’re feeling hopeful. Quietly optimistic, moreover confident in the economy. Several other countries have seen their economy making a subtle but sharp recovery from the pandemic, if not at least beating the numbers predicted by experts. And our first-hand experience of jobs in eastern Canada only adds to our optimism.

We’ve watched as many companies overcame the initial panic, to find a new way of working. We’ve seen companies agile enough to adapt quickly and effectively to entirely unprecedented challenges. We’ve marvelled as workplaces changed to be almost unrecognizable – literally and figuratively – in the wake of the virus.

And in terms of our up-close-and-personal experience with the people involved, there simply aren’t enough amazing things we have to say. The way in which workforces have had to come together, moreover how they’ve done so with such humility and grace, has been nothing short of incredible. The way companies no longer seem just like companies, but communities within their given industry, has been a thing to behold. And the way that humans have responded to every single ongoing, ever-changing hurdle the pandemic has thrown at their lives, both professional and person, is something we should all aim to remember for decades to come.

And that’s why we’re hopeful about the future of jobs in eastern Canada. Because no matter the challenges that life could hurl at them, it’s the amazing people who fuel our economy with their unceasing work ethics, inherent pride and never-say-die attitudes who will be there to drive things forward. When it comes down to it, we’re all in it together.

Things have been difficult, challenging, unforeseen. Many people and businesses have had their lives turned upside down by the pandemic, while others have come out the other side either unscathed, or in some cases even stronger than ever. So those scary numbers from the beginning of this article? Let’s aim to take them with a pinch of salt and a promise of optimism.

After all, it’s not all bad news. In March of this year, employment rose 1.6% nationwide – the second consecutive month of growth. The Canadian dollar is standing strong against historically more fierce currencies than our own, seeing an almost four-year high on the stock market. And while things change every day (sometimes it seems even by the hour), we have faith that we’ll bounce back from this stronger than ever.

Consulting with so many inside eastern Canada’s manufacturing markets has given us a unique insight over the past year and a half. We too have had to adapt to the needs of our clients, the evolving moves of the employment market and talent pool. And we’ve done so every step of the way, adding our value and expertise at a time when clients needs us most.

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