How COVID-19 is Affecting the Job Search

The coronavirus pandemic is continuing to disrupt the world, and many are becoming anxious about when things will return to normal. Perhaps the most anxious are those looking for employment. In what can already be a competitive job market, job seekers are now faced with physical barriers and financial restrictions as the economy collectively tries to react to the ever-changing situation. 


What does a job search look like in the age of COVID-19? There is no clear answer, and things are changing by the hour – but adjusting to the fluctuating circumstances is necessary in order to stay competitive, and to hopefully land a great new position. 


Here are some things to keep in mind if you are navigating a job search during the coronavirus pandemic. 


Be Aware of Adjusted Hiring Timelines


Before the pandemic was in full swing, the average time-to-fill was around 43 days, while jobs in the tech sector could pose a wait of over two months – an already long time, that number could become even more daunting in the coming months. Keep in mind that hiring managers and recruiters are also attempting to adjust to this ‘new normal’, we’rre also facing the the fact that hiring timelines may be considerably shorter or longer – all depending on the urgency of filling the position.


Because you could be left waiting around longer than normal before hearing back about a position, it is wise to not put all of your eggs in one basket. Continue researching and applying to jobs, spend time adjusting your resume and cover letter, or even explore other avenues by learning a new skill. This is an unprecedented time in the hiring market, so flexibility and adaptability are necessary. 


The Move to Virtual and Remote Practices


Depending on your industry, this may not be a new phenomenon. But getting comfortable with technology surrounding remote job searching – namely virtual conferencing – should be at the top of every job seeker’s list right now.


Applications like Skype and Zoom have made it easy to connect with your peers while practicing social distancing. So, if everyone will soon be capable of participating in an online interview, the new challenge lies in standing out from the crowd just like you would aim to do during an in-person interview.


Not only are interview processes turning virtual, depending on how long the pandemic lasts, onboarding practices could be done through a screen, as well. Get comfortable with finding new ways of communicating without being able to rely on body language – your success at your new position could depend on it!


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Networking Is Essential


During this uncertain financial time, some companies have begun to reel back on some expenses such as international advertising and searches. Instead, they have begun to focus their search efforts on a smaller scale, starting with the people that are already within their network. For this reason, professional networking is more important than EVER before. 


Polishing your online profiles, sharing great content and reaching out to your professional connections are all useful ways to make sure you are fresh in the minds of people who may be looking to hire. Another great way to integrate yourself into a job search network is to reach out to a recruiter, who will arguably have a better sense of the hiring climate. 


If you are on the hunt for a great new job, don’t hesitate to reach out to NLG. We are more than happy to assist you during this unprecedented time – click here to get started.

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