Avoid Hiring Toxic Employees

Business owners and managers can unite in their understanding of how toxic employees can cause a flood of negativity either towards other staff members or the work environment. This strain can lead to the loss of great employees, or business owners closing shop to avoid dealing with these types of people.
According to Hanny Lerner, a Forbes contributor, there are four categories employees fall into:
1. The Motivated Employee
The best employee is often the motivated employee, who has a work ethic like no other. They are loyal and have an infectious energy and positive outlook. These are the achievers that work great within in a team or independently and always work to push the company forward.
2. The Indifferent Employee
These are your 9 to 5’rs that get the job done. Sure, they might not be the superstar working to earn their stripes, but they are consistent in completing what is required of them. They are focused and do not participate in gossip or drama.
3. The Disgruntled Employee
Negativity seems to be what they thrive on. They usually do not have a nice thing to say about the company and will find an excuse to push work off them. They are energy and time suckers. With their complaining about everything, it’s not surprising good employees will fly the coup just to get away from their constant grumbling.
4. The Con-Artist Employee
Be wary of this one. They believe they are entitled and have no appreciation or sense of responsibility for the company. They will work harder to find ways not to work and get ‘easy’ money, regardless of the way they need to do it. They will lie and cheat just to get what they believe they deserve.
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