Star Sales Skills

In almost every industry, sales skills are important. Mechanics need sales skills to drive in customers, technicians need sales skills to ramp up business, and sales people themselves eat, sleep and breathe sales.
What separates a good sales person from a poor one? Here at NLG, we want to offer some advice on how to be a good salesperson:
Know your customer.
Listening and understanding your customer are the two keys to developing what is, in our opinion, one of the most important skills to posses. Being able to understand the needs of your customer with your emotional intelligence skills is hat will allow you to relate to them and help them choose the product and services they need. If you know your customer, you are able to distinguish how you can help them best.
Know your industry
Just as important as emotional intelligence, is knowledge of your field. Understanding the products you sell, the services you provide, as well as the offerings of your competitors will better equip you to help your clientele in making a wise decision when purchasing your products. This knowledge can also help you suggest new services to your clients, which they may not have realized can help them in the ling run.
Measure your success
Keep track of your sales targets and goals. Note when particularly slow times arise or when you work the most productively. This will allow you to be self-reflective and pinpoint areas to improve. Feedback is necessary to help you grow as a successful sales person.
Be reliable and available
Your customer may not be ready to purchase a product upon the initial meeting. They may need time to reflect on the information you have provided them. Be reliable and available to answer their questions at a later date. Follow up when you say you will, and answer their questions in a timely manner. This will help build trust between you, and make them more likely to turn to your expert counsel both now and in the future.
Use these tips to help take your sales skills to the Next Level!

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