4 Unexpected Benefits of Business Coaching

When running a business, you know firsthand that there is always room for improvement to staying a cut above the rest – and sometimes that means temporarily handing over the reigns.

Contrary to what some people might think, working with a business strategy coach is not a sign of weakness or incompetence. In reality, it’s a practice of self-awareness, responsibility and dedication to being the best you can possibly be! Letting someone into your world isn’t always easy, but the pay-off can be huge. In fact, according to the Institute of Coaching, “over 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefit from improved work performance, relationships and more effective communication skills”.

Working with a certified business strategy coach from Next Level Group can help provide you with fresh perspectives to improve your day-to-day and your bottom line. However, there are also some unexpected benefits that you may not have considered, sweetening the deal even more! Read on to see what we mean.

Your Work-Life Balance Will Improve

Working with a business coach can lead to obvious things that improve your business goals, such as better relationships with your staff and cutting costs. But it can also have a huge positive impact on your personal life, improving the work-life balance of both you and your employees.

Running a more productive and streamlined business can lead to reduced stress levels, the benefits of which don’t stop after you’ve gone home for the day. In turn, happier and less stressed employees are around 20% more productive at work, creating an overall positive snowball effect that keeps both your personal and professional well-being and success on the upswing.

Your Professional Network Can Grow

Business coaches know and work with many high-level executives and business owners – by the very nature of their work, their professional networks reach far and wide. The potential to grow your personal and professional network through this channel is always present. Business coaches can connect you with people that you may not have had access to before.

In addition, they can offer you advice and training on how to better network yourself on your own. Improving your own networking and social skills opens up the potential to even more connection possibilities, which can open up any number of doors: new hires, business partners, and more.


They Can Offer an Objective and Insightful Perspective

Especially when you have been managing a business for many years, it is easy to develop ‘blind spots’; areas that need dedicated attention which may have gone unchecked for periods of time or swept to the side against seemingly more important tasks.

Bringing in someone that can offer an objective perspective on a grand scale can help identify problems that you may not have even known were hurting your business. Career coach Erica Breuer sums it up nicely: “The only thing worse than having a big vision that you can’t articulate is being unaware of your areas of potential.”

You may hire a great business coach for one thing, and they could end up helping you identify and overcome points of weakness that you didn’t even know were there when you initially reached out.

You Can Internalize Lessons – and Use Them Elsewhere

More often than not, business techniques can be applied effectively to other aspects of your day-to-day. Breuer goes on to explain that “it’s undeniable that sharpening the way you navigate change, manage conflict and plan at work will trickle down into other areas of your life.”

For example, the organizational skills you learn could help you to finally go through your closet of old clothes; the cost-cutting options you explore could help you find some extra money in the family budget. When you set aside dedicated time to thoughtfully improve areas that need work, the positive possibilities are truly endless.

The goal of business coaching is to help clarify your vision and to make it attainable – but it can really be so much more than that.

Interested in working with a business strategy coach? It’s just one of the many services offered here at Next Level Group, in addition to matching top talent with exciting professional opportunities. To find out more, email us directly or click here.

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