Taking your Auto-Shop to the Next Level

Running a successful business requires dedication, enthusiasm and hard work. When running a tire-shop or mechanic centre, there are a few extra things to keep in mind.

Robert Armstrong, director of commercial tire sales for TravelCenters of America L.L.C. (TA)’s Truck Service Commercial Tire Network recently shared some tips with TireBuisness.com. After reading the article, and providing our own personal insight, here at NLG we’d like to provide you with some tips on how to take your auto repair business to the Next Level.
First, always remember to provide the best customer service possible. Be friendly ad interested in your customers. To succeed in business, you need a solid flow of customers and the best way to achieve this is to build trust and respect with those you already have.
Also, as Armstrong explains, “Although customer service starts at the front counter, that is only the first step in satisfying a tire customer. “ Besides being friendly and approachable, it is important to be organized and ready to take on your customer’s requests. You need a well-maintained inventory, applications so you can supply the right products, an understanding of casing value and a qualified technician ready to install the tires.
Organization and regular inventory cunts can help make sure you have the necessary stock.
Well-trained staff will also ensure that regardless of the specifics of the customer’s request, they will get the best service possible and have their needs met. Armstrong suggests: “Seek regular training for your staff to keep them up to speed with market trends and well equipped with adequate product training. “
And lastly, be efficient in your service. Good, reliable, friendly service, which is completed in a timely manner, is the key to repeat customers.
“The customer is a business paying out money and losing revenue opportunities, which reduces profits every hour that truck is not on the road. Reducing a truck’s downtime and getting it back on the road quickly is not only a customer service expectation, but also an opportunity for you to help your customer get back in business. “ (TireBuisness.com)
Always try to look at things from the perspective of the customer. Think to yourself: “if I was visiting this shop, what would I need to have the best possible experience?” Answer the question and adjust your practices to match, that way you can step up to the Next Level!
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