Why Payrolling Through an Agency Makes Sense in Manufacturing

Here at NLG, we’re certainly proud to call ourselves recruitment consultants – emphasis on the consultancy part. When it comes to hiring and recruiting, finding the talent is merely the first act; the show goes on and, particularly operating within the manufacturing sector, one of the struggles we often hear of clients coming up against is onboarding and then properly managing the payroll of their temp staff. Chiefly when you’re hiring more than one head at one time, keeping on top of the many moving parts of doing so can prove challenging.

Which is where we come in.

Often, the simple fact of not having to worry about having to personally manage everything which comes along with making a hire can be a huge relief. Add to that the potential savings in both costs and time, and many wonder why they didn’t do it sooner. Have a read below as to why, as a manufacturing business, payrolling through an agency (better yet, an industry expert) simply makes sense.

Doing the hard work for you

In payrolling through an agency like us, you’re choosing to get rid of much of the cost – not to mention hassle – associated with employing staff. We cover the taxes, general liability insurance, actually paying your staff and more. When you have a business to run, doing all of this and more for individuals who may only be around for a short while – a six month contract here, a temp job there – simply isn’t a sustainable use of your time.

The responsibility for all of the above falls to us, your recruitment partner – so you have more time, and headspace, to spend on the stuff that matters.

Put administration out of your mind

And focus on onboarding your staff in the optimum way.

Hiring a new employee whether temp, perm or contract involves administration – paperwork which takes time to complete, check, file and more. When someone new comes aboard, it’s time to show them the ropes, get them bought into your business and on the job – not bogged down filling in forms and completing time-consuming admin.

Payrolling through an agency generally means that all of this and more will be entirely looked after, long before day one – meaning you have more time to spend onboarding your new employee(s) and cementing that relationship from the get-go.

Employment law and legislation, covered

Trying to keep up with the ever-changing rules regarding employment law can sometimes feel like a full-time job in itself. When you partner with an agency like NLG for payrolling, the decision comes down to more than saving costs here and there and meeting budgets; doing so gives you back precious time and relieves the worries that often come with ensuring everything you’re doing is compliant with local laws and regulations.

It’s our job to stay on top of employment legislation, so that we’re able to advise you when you need it – and it’s something we take pride in doing thoroughly, completely and regularly. It’s not just the service we offer; we’re also here as consultants, relaying advice, knowledge and expertise along the way.

All in all, the pros to using a staffing agency for the payroll of your temp staff are far-reaching. As a business leader, your job is to tend to the business-critical matters which keep the wheels turning (quite literally, in some cases) and the lights on. Leave the nitty-gritty to us.

To discuss payrolling through an agency and other services we offer with a member of our expert team, get in touch on +1 (888) 404-9990.

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