3 Ways to Identify Growth Mindset at Interview

Whatever the position you’re looking to fill, there’s one key element you should be aiming to decipher in your next interview, and that’s mindset. Mindset affects every aspect of our work, from the way we tackle challenges to the care we take in execution. It affects the way we communicate with our colleagues, the relationships we build.

Ultimately, your employees’ mindset directly impacts your bottom line.

And having a team built around those with a growth mindset could be just the ticket to success. Those with a growth mindset are individuals who will be constantly working to push the business forward. They’re always willing to learn, and always looking for ways to progress – not just their careers, but the way things are done; improving efficiency; increasing output. In a manufacturing environment, it’s attributes like these you should seek out when hiring.

Fixed vs growth mindset

The fundamental difference between these two types of mindset could make a big difference to your business.

Those with a fixed mindset believe that we’re born with a certain threshold for talent. You may be gifted in one area, which is a result of your genes; those things you aren’t quite so gifted at can be worked on, but ultimately there’s a ceiling you’ll hit at some point. A fixed mindset sees limitations to how far they can take a skill.

Those with a growth mindset, on the other hand, look at the world a little differently. They’re the ones who see a hurdle, then work out what they have to do to get to the other side. They see the skills they don’t have simply as something yet to be learnt. They’re constantly looking for ways to progress, develop, improve on an existing skill.

Those with a growth mindset are typically more proactive, and oftentimes their performance at work will reflect this.

3 ways to identify growth mindset at interview

So, how can you spot all of those exciting traits in an interview setting? Well, start by:

Asking questions about their goals and aspirations

While this seems like a pretty standard topic to come up at interview, dig a little deeper. The goals they talk about – are they tangible, or textbook? The aspirations they mention – do their eyes light up as they talk about how they’ll get there, or do they sound defeated and unrealistic?

The way a candidate talks about their future says a lot about the mindset behind those thoughts.

Asking questions about their successes to date

Again, an obvious one. But more important than the successes themselves is the way they talk about what they’ve achieved, namely who and what they attribute their successes to.

Someone with a growth mindset understands where their strengths lie, but may take pride in the wins that didn’t use these skills. They may favour the achievements that required them to step out of their comfort zone and to learn or try something new or different. This makes them progressive thinkers, who are more likely to step up to the plate in times of change.

Asking questions about the challenges they’ve faced thus far

How do they talk about any bumps in the road or things they’ve found difficult throughout their career? Do they take accountability or shirk responsibility? Is there anything they would, could, or should have done differently in these situations, or was it a lost cause?

The way an individual takes on challenging situations says a lot about their mindset. Those with a growth mindset will problem solve, learn, adapt, in order to head things off. Those with a fixed mindset may make excuses or blame others for their failures.

We qualify the talented jobseekers we work alongside with all of the above in mind. Our process is tried and true, whether it’s a specific set of skills, a certain type of experience, or simply a growth mindset that your business needs in its next hire.

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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