Working with a Staffing Agency to Find Warehouse Staff During COVID-19

Are you looking to add some new warehouse staff to your roster? Working with a staffing agency presents obvious benefits for the job seeker when looking for a great position, but it can also present a number of advantages for companies looking to hire new team members. 

Whether you are getting ready to reopen your workplace or have continued hiring during the outbreak, hiring quality candidates isn’t always easy. Especially during this dislocating era of COVID-19, it’s a great idea to have a seasoned professional on your side to help make the most of your recruiting efforts, and find staff that are qualified and ready to stick around for the long haul. 

Here are some of our top reasons as to why you should consider partnering with a staffing agency, during COVID-19 and beyond.

They Can Adapt to Your Unique Needs During Lockdown and Beyond

We know firsthand that the needs of a warehouse business can change day by day. Especially in this particularly stressful time, it can be difficult to stay on top of making placements on your own when you likely have a long list of other duties to attend to daily.

Perhaps you need one team member for three days or twenty members for three months. Whatever your unique hiring situation may be, staffing agencies have deep networks of candidates that are qualified, pre-screened and ready to work at the drop of a hat. We take care of all the administrative work and free up your time so that you can focus on what you do best: integrating the new hires into your team!

Deep Industry Knowledge

Working with a staffing agency means that we not only provide you with great candidates fast, but we also have years of experience and a deep well of industry knowledge to back up the decisions behind each placement. 

It is our job to keep an ear to the ground about changing employment regulations, shifts in hiring timelines, government employment packages, increased safety protocols and a plethora of other factors when making placements during COVID-19. We then communicate those factors to both parties, so that everyone is on the same page and we can arrive at a decision that works for everyone. 

We are confident that any employer would agree there is nothing more frustrating than putting time, money and energy into hiring an employee, only to find out they’re not the right fit. Years of experience has allowed us to ensure that does not happen. 

warehouse worker staffing agency

Advocate for Your Company

It’s a candidate-driven market out there, meaning job seekers have more options and leverage when it comes to finding a new position than ever before. While COVID-19 has changed this in most industries, with an influx of online orders, warehouse workers are as important now as ever before. It can be difficult to appeal to job seekers and maintain a great employer brand while juggling all of your other duties, even more so as we try to navigate the ongoing crisis.

Recruiters act as a liaison between the job seeker and the employer, and always strive to make a good match. A staffing agency can advocate for your company and present your positions in strategic and exciting ways, giving you an edge against the competition. 

Build a Partnership for the Future

A good recruiter will never place a candidate in one of your positions that is not truly a fit. Why? Because their reputation as someone who is knowledgeable and dependable is on the line for future interactions, and we want to create long-lasting and meaningful partnerships with every company we work with. 

So, even if we are not able to find the right warehouse associate for your current opening, we are always ready and willing to try again next time. Building a professional network for making current and future placements is in everyone’s best interest as we work towards our ‘new normal’. 

Looking to add some team members to your warehouse operation? Next Level Group would be more than happy to assist you – reach out to us today to get started. 

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