4 Benefits of Working with a Recruiter to Find an IT Job

The high demand for hardworking, skilled information technology professionals means that the industry outlook is looking promising for Canadian job seekers. Still, demand doesn’t necessarily rule out competition – and if you are heading out a tech-industry job search, you want to do everything you can to stand out. Have you ever considered working with a recruiter to find your dream job?

The IT field is one of our specialties here at Next Level Group. Read on to learn about some benefits that come with partnering with a recruiter when looking for your next position!

1. We Have the Insider Scoop on IT Jobs

Today, the majority of jobs are not posted online, with most current placements made through networking or other less traditional methods. Recruiters have huge professional networks, and in the same way they work with candidates to find them great jobs, they also work closely with employers to find them the best talent. Recruiters operate within a dedicated network of the best IT companies and positions, and it is their goal to integrate you into it for the benefit of both parties.

Working with a recruiter means that you become their priority, and you could be put up for jobs that a good chunk of your peers haven’t even heard of yet. Tech is one of the most competitive industries in Canada, so giving yourself a leg up in this way is a great idea.

2. We Have Years of Experience

The IT industry is always changing and is ripe with competition, even in a candidate driven market. Overall, the IT industry is a great place to be. However, there still are challenges when it comes to navigating a tech job search, and embarking on it alone can be a daunting task.

You can rest assured that no matter how much job search experience you have, a recruiter has more. It is literally their job to find jobs for other people, so they have an ear to the ground for everything you need to know in order to stand out and get hired.

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3. You Won’t Get Stuck with an IT Job You Don’t Love

Because the majority of jobs aren’t posted online, the ones that ARE posted online may not be exactly what you’re looking for, or only come along every so often. However, if you have no other avenues to explore, the unfortunate situation of taking a job that you aren’t well-suited for can become a reality. At NLG, we refuse to make placements that don’t truly work for both parties.

The IT industry can experience considerably high turnover rates, which is attributed to a number of things, but among them a lack of job satisfaction. Keep in mind that making placements that are long-lasting is the main objective of a recruiter’s bottom line, so you can trust that we will do everything they can to get you a job that you want to stick with – NOT just an IT job that pays the bills.

4. We Do More Than Just Find You an IT Job

A good recruiter will do more for you than just set you up with an interview, especially in highly competitive, specialized industries like IT. Perhaps the resume you have used for years needs a specific tech-industry overhaul. Recruiters can help with that. Need a refresher on some of the most current questions you might be asked in your .NET developer interview? Recruiters can help with that too! And if the job search is not going exactly as planned, you can trust that our recruiters will be open and honest with you about it every single time.

Recruiters are resilient, trustworthy and act as your IT job search support system – we truly want to see you succeed!

Ready to give working with a recruiter a go to find your next IT job? Give Next Level Group a call today!

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