What Makes a Good Manager?

Being in a leadership position presents its own unique set of challenges. Not only do you have duties and tasks to complete, but also you must manage a group of people and help them work strongly together as a team. In any organization, there are certain qualities a manager should possess:

Self-Motivated. A good manager is self-motivated and demonstrates initiative. This intrinsic desire to work diligently and succeed can be inspiring to other employees. Not only that, but this strength also allows the manager to make sure tasks are completed effectively and efficiently.
Professional. A good manager carries himself or herself with professionalism in every encounter. This means that they show their employees and customer’s respect, they follow rules and protocols of the organization and they act with integrity in all interactions. Professionalism is an essential skill in business leadership success.
Problem-Solving Ability. A good manager remains calm in a crisis or conflict situation. They are logical and solution-oriented. They are confident in the resourcefulness and abilities of themselves and their team to tackle the challenges that may present themselves.
Organized. A good manager is organized and responsible. As such, they make sure tasks are completed diligently and that the team stays on track to meeting their professional goals.
Knowledgeable. A good manager understands their industry and is able to help their employees in improving their skills and utilizing available resources.
Approachable. A god manager is approachable and welcomes feedback as well as discussion from their employees. This allows a professional relationship built on trust and mutual respect to develop. As a result, the team is able to work together cohesively, making work both more enjoyable and more productive.
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