What Mechanics Can Expect as Electric Cars Gain Popularity

Electric cars are a hot topic these days! As more and more technology develops, more are becoming available, from Tesla’s to KIA’s to even an electric Harley, it’s evident that the auto industry is changing.
What does this mean for the people employed in the industry, the mechanics and technicians? Despite initial fears or hesitation you might have, these cars are presenting new opportunities for mechanics across the globe!

There are two major types of electric cars, hybrid electric vehicles and all electric vehicles. Hybrid cars have been available for quite some time now.
“Hybrids combine an IC engine with an electrically driven drive train. This allows the IC engine to always operate at its more efficient RPM, rather than the way it functions in an all-gas car, where the engine is often forced to operate at highly inefficient speeds, vastly decreasing fuel efficiency while also increasing the amount of pollution that is produced.”
All-electric cars on the other hand “do not have an IC engine and are thus completely dependent upon an external power source to charge their batteries. Although traditionally seen as short-ranged vehicles, all-electric vehicles are becoming increasingly competitive with IC vehicles as more sophisticated designs allow for greater range and faster recharge times.”
However, with the removal of the IC engine, electric cars have different maintenance needs. Hybrid cars still require spark and oil maintenance, while electric cars do not. Long-term maintenance needs are unclear at this point. According to diesel mechanic magazine, “Mechanics should be aware that unexpected technical issues may result in these vehicles needing more maintenance than is currently estimated.”
So What should todays Mechanics do? “Ultimately, today’s auto mechanics should not panic about the increased usage of electric cars. There will always be a need for a skill mechanic to address mechanical issues in a vehicle.” The importance is to keep up to date and read up on advancements in the field.
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