Making a Good First Impression Before You Say a Word

There’s no question that what you say in an interview is important. Equally as important in making a strong first impression is your non-verbal communication: Your body language.

In our everyday life, many of us may slouch or cross our arms, however, these simple habits can convey disinterest to some potential employers. Instead, try following these tips on the best body language for a job interview:
Shaking hands: “A firm handshake with the manager at the beginning of the interview should "demonstrate confidence, create a bond," and most important, make you become more memorable. It’s also worth practicing a gracious handshake in case things get awkward. All of this should be tackled in three seconds or less.” (Business Insider)Eye contact: At “Eye contact establishes trustworthiness”, according to author Heidi Grant Halvorson.
Sit up straight: “Lounging suggests disinterest in the job. Slouching or slumping over suggests a lack of confidence.” Augustine suggests sitting "as if there was a string tied from the top of your head to the ceiling. In one posture, you display confidence and intelligence.”
Leaning in: “Of course, you want to let your interviewer know you’re engaged in the conversation, but don’t overstep personal space.” (ABC)
"What do I do with my hands?": Augustine says the tips of your hands put together like a church steeple will display confidence. Keep them out of your pockets. (ABC)Nodding: “This head move shows agreeability and lets the interviewer know that you understand what he or she is saying. Of course, don’t over do this, unless you really want to come off as a woodpecker.” (ABC)Smiling: “ A genuine smile can be contagious.” (ABC)
Acknowledge the room: “In the event that you’re being interviewed by a team, briefly address them with a quick gaze,” Rosemary Haefner of CareerBuilder suggests. Just don’t make it look like a tennis match.
While these tips may seem obvious, being consciously aware of how you are presenting yourself can ensure you display the best version of yourself to the interviewer(s).
Good luck on your interviews from all of us at NLG! We’re sure you’ll ace them!

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