Job Hunting During a Pandemic: A How-To Guide

While many places around the world are opening up, loosening restrictions, and slowly putting the pandemic behind them, its effects will be felt around the world for years to come, possibly decades. It has meant adapting and facing many new, unprecedented hurdles, for business and job seeker alike. Unemployment levels have gone up; job vacancies have gone down. This leaves many still at a loss – and job hunting during a pandemic is a new world of its own.

There are many ways to approach a job search during troubled times, and Covid-19 brings with it a slew of new expectations, requirements, and ways to stay competitive. Here are our top tips for job hunting during a pandemic, with some ideas and advice for reinvigorating the way you go about things from here on out.

1. Invest in your skills, knowledge and experience

Take note of what you’re seeing on every job application you read. Is there a certain course, qualification or particular experience that the majority of applications ask for? Now, importantly, do you possess it?

To stay competitive as a job seeker, use this time to see what employers are valuing, and invest in getting yourself to that point. Start thinking of each application you send as a package, where each piece of experience, education or knowledge you possess is a piece of the puzzle. Next, begin working to fill in the gaps. The more you can gather, the stronger your application becomes. Take an online course; offer to volunteer or intern somewhere. Learn a new tool, something employers see value in. Job hunting during a pandemic means adapting to the wants and needs of the market – by investing in yourself.

2. Make online networking tools your new best friend

With so many workplaces in upheaval, often still working from home or remotely, it’s difficult to know exactly where your application is going to end up. So, instead of dropping your application through one of the usual methods and hoping for the best, get yourself onto LinkedIn and start doing some research.

It’s a powerful tool at your disposal. Begin connecting with leaders in your industry. Start following people and posts which interest you, eventually searching for a way to make an introduction with potential opportunities in mind. Proactivity goes a long way and, while we’re not saying you should spam strangers with connection invites, online networking is something which will serve you well.

3. Patience is truly a virtue

Looking for a new job can be frustrating, tiring, and demotivating at the best of times. Job hunting during a pandemic encompasses all of these feelings, on top of many further Covid-related obstacles and barriers. Businesses are adapting; things may happen slowly. Staff are being pulled in multiple different directions.

With all this in mind, our final tip is to practice patience – more than ever, in fact. The process might be slower, while focus is on other business-critical matters, but hold your own and remain professional. Don’t be afraid to give an interviewer you recently met a nudge if you haven’t heard back, but equally be cognizant of the interesting, likely different stresses and pressures they possibly find themselves under at present.

Job hunting during a pandemic is something many won’t have experienced before, and possibly will never have to; know that there are recruitment partners like us to support you along the way. Whether you’d like to hear more advice like the above, need to brush up on your interview skills, or would just like to hear about opportunities – get in touch with our team today.

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