Careers in Manufacturing Technology

Technology. It’s at the forefront of everything we do these days. So it makes sense that building a career working hands-on alongside it is a great choice.

And where better to do so than within North America’s thriving manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing sector this year has faced challenges it never saw coming. But let’s go back a little further, into an industry which has been transformed over the last decade with the implementation of incredible technology. This might look like hardware (such as precise sensors which accurately measure output, waste, and so much more) and high-powered software alike (to help manufacturing businesses analyze, utilize, and store such information). Both of these additions to the manufacturing environment have taken our understanding of productivity to new heights.

And with that comes its own challenges. If you work in or around the continent’s manufacturing space, you’ll have been hearing the words “skilled labour shortage” for a while now. While technology has truly found a home here, that has meant a shortage of those who know how to implement, use and maintain it.

Enter this week’s career spotlight: technology in manufacturing.

It’s no secret that “tech is the place to be”, as it were. With the advent of new technology being used in innovative ways comes those who need to challenge, control, and make sure it’s working at its best. Many manufacturing organizations are faced with a lack of technically skilled staff to take on these positions. So, if you possess an analytical mind, a nose for tech and a problem-solving attitude, you possess all traits that a forward-thinking manufacturing business is looking for at the moment.

And it isn’t all hi-tech talk and software. The technological systems in place in any workplace need to be physically maintained, too – a career choice which would put you at the forefront of tech without the… Well, tech-y bit. Careers in manufacturing technology bleed into assembly, processing, QC and many other areas of the business as a whole, meaning there’s tons of opportunity to transition and progress both vertically and horizontally.

Careers in manufacturing technology: Sustainability

The pandemic may have poked holes in the manufacturing sector’s processes and operations, but in doing so one thing rang true: we need the goods we need, and we need them fast. In terms of building a sustainable career, the combination of technology within manufacturing is a winner.

In the realms of supply, demand and now innovation, there’s no ceiling.

Careers in manufacturing technology: Longevity

Class yourself as a keen learner? As technology continues to grow and develop, and as manufacturing businesses continue to reap the rewards of utilizing it, there’s learning opportunities aplenty. And, as those pursuing a career in this route become specialists in their field and grow adept with how technology can and should work, those same manufacturing businesses will become competitive employers who are keen to keep you around.

The career path is longstanding and ever-evolving – with no end in sight.

Careers in manufacturing technology: Excitement

The best bit about a career in manufacturing technology? It’s a journey, and there’s no telling where it could go. Tech is an exciting space for those focused on building a fast-paced, progressive career. One where the challenges are vast, the scope constantly adjusting, and the rewards are huge. A career in manufacturing technology will be challenging, but exciting and engaging too.

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