3 Common Jobhunting Mistakes to Avoid

Jobhunting can be challenging at the best of times and, a bit like interviewing, we could almost consider it a skill. As such, there are definite must-dos and do-nots which come part and parcel with it. We’ve put together a short guide to three of the most common jobhunting mistakes to avoid on your job seeking journey – small changes and adjustments which could make all the difference.

Mistake #1: Not tailoring your resumé

One of the most common jobhunting mistakes is not putting enough stock in a properly tailored resumé! While a more open approach can sometimes work, you should go into each application thinking that you’re potentially up against a perfect match or, worse yet, a number of them – so your resumé needs to reflect that you can actually do the job, moreover that you want to.

Tailoring your skills could be as simple as rearranging bullet points so that the ones most relevant to this particular job sit closer to or at the top; it might be just extending your personal profile to explain why you want to work in this sector/role/profession. It could mean putting relevant qualifications front, centre and in bold. However you go about doing so, tailoring your resumé is key to gaining the attention of the individual who opens your application.

It needs to be obvious to the reader that you have matching skills, experience, and desire for the position you’ve applied to. The aim is to make your resumé as easily digestible as possible; to draw the reader’s eye to the most relevant pieces of key information, leaving them excited to get in contact. Don’t make them work to work out where the relevancy lies – do the hard work for them and you should see an uptick in responses.

Mistake #2: Not preparing for the interview

You made it past the first hurdle – now it’s interview time.

It’s no secret that the amount of prep you do beforehand could make or break how it goes, but we don’t mean just having a look over the company’s website.

Our biggest advice to avoid this particularly common jobhunting mistake is to assume nothing, and do your research even if you think you know the answer. Make sure you know your own resumé back to front, with key points in mind to correlate your background with the job at hand. Know who the business is beyond what they do; look for their values, their ethos, the way they work. To really stand out, do some research about industry trends, what’s happening in the news, or find a recent press release. Most of all, come ready with some questions for the interviewer themselves.

Just scanning the company’s website before you head into an interview (whether virtual or in person!) is akin to doing the bare minimum – and it’ll show. If this isn’t the impression you want to give of how you’ll be in the job were you to secure it, go to all lengths.

Mistake #3: Not networking

The saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” still stands strong today. Networking is an incredible tool in your jobhunting arsenal. How many people do you know who have told you at some point, “I got the job through a friend/family member/old boss/colleague”? And still, somehow, job seekers are yet to use networking as a primary means to be finding their next role.

Particularly in this online world in which we live, you should be using LinkedIn to build industry contacts, connect with old employers, friends, colleagues and the like – any of whom may have the potential to grow into a career opportunity. Don’t spam your resumé to anyone and everyone who connects with you, but start conversations. Follow and introduce yourself to only those who are relevant, ensuring your networking is pointed and intentional. Get involved in industry discussions online, and show you have knowledge and experience to share. You never know where one click, one simple view of your profile, might lead!

We partner with jobseekers to help you steer clear of common jobhunting mistakes, along with providing amazing employment opportunities with some fantastic clients. To talk more about any of the above, get in touch with the awesome team of consultants here at NLG.

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