Why become a mechanic?

When deciding what career to pursue, many factors can influence our decision. Salary, work-life balance, job prospects and our own personal interests are big players. For some people, being a mechanic is a dream they’ve held since childhood. Others have always had an interest in how things work and a love of cars. Some may have innate mechanical skills and a knack for fixing gadgets and engines.

Some may be on the fence whether a career as a mechanic is right for them. If that is the case, here are four reasons why a career as a mechanic is such a great option: according to working mechanics at Automotive Training Centre:
1) Auto Mechanics are Always in Demand
“Entering a career as a mechanic means guaranteeing a future of steady work. Slumps in the economy can affect consumers buying new cars, but vehicles will always require maintenance and repair.”
2) Auto Mechanics Have an Amazing Collection of Tools
“If you’re a hands-on person, then imagine what you can accomplish with dozens of tools at your fingertips! Along with your knowledge and skills, your tool collection will be your most valuable asset and investment as an auto mechanic.”
3) Auto Mechanics are Self-Reliant
“Once you become an auto mechanic, you’ll be entering a career where the nature of the work is independent. Even though garages employ several mechanics, you’ll be trusted to perform diagnostics and repairs on your own. Many mechanics love having this level of self-reliance.”
4) Auto Mechanics are Knowledgeable
“Auto mechanics get asked for car advice a lot. Your knowledge can save friends and family a lot of time and money, whether or not you fix their cars for them. Your knowledge will expand over time and putting your expertise to use is one of the many things that make this career rewarding.”
From doing some research into what real mechanics are saying about the career, it is evident that it can be very rewarding and satisfying! Being able to work independently, share your knowledge and skills to help your neighbours and friends, and having steady job prospects; the field is very promising. Not only that, but a diversity of roles exist in the mechanic field. Interested in agriculture? Look for work as a heavy-duty mechanic or agricultural technician? Want to deal with a large diversity of vehicles? Check out our job board to see the vast opportunities that exist in the field from tire technicians, to mechanics, to journeymen.
Here at NLG, we hope to help you find happiness and success in your professional life, and being a mechanic is one way to accomplish this!

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