Music for Productivity at Work

They say that if you enjoy your work, you perform better. If you’re able to increase your productivity by combining something you enjoy, with your tasks at work just imagine how much your performance could improve.

For many people, both young and old, video games are a great way to enjoy yourself. The games give you a task to complete and you work toward that mission, usually while some upbeat, motivating music plays in the background. The task can be simple—like avoiding the ghosts in Pac Man or more complex, like trying to save a princess. Regardless, the music playing in the background is designed to help keep us interested, focused and motivated.
It should come as no surprise then, that recent studies have shown that listening to video game music while you work can increase your productivity.
So, next time you’re doing a task and can’t seem to concentrate, throw on a playlist from your favourite video game and see if it helps!
Check out the Popular Science Article Below for more info:
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