How to Ace a Manufacturing Interview

The manufacturing sector has its very own quirks and character, like many others. Rocking any interview is a task in itself worth preparing for, but a manufacturing interview specifically takes a unique combination of those trusty interview basics coupled with industry due diligence. In short, in this market, it’s never been more important to both do your research and brush up on your interview skills beforehand.

Want to know how to ace your next manufacturing interview? Read on for our three quick tips to take with you on your job hunt.

Get up to date on the news

There are tons of resources out there pertaining to the manufacturing sector. That means there’s no excuse not to know what’s happening in the industry before your interview. Whether this is your first step on the manufacturing career ladder, or you’re a journeyed professional; whether you’re going to be on the production line or working in the back office – knowing the latest news in your industry shows you’re interested and serious about this job.

Utilize the modern jobseeker’s best friend (that’s Google) to pick out some interesting facts and conversation pieces ahead of time. Research the company you’re interviewing with, keep an eye out for press releases or other instances where they’ve popped up in the news. Being up-to-date with the industry’s movers and shakers goes a long way in how to ace a manufacturing interview.

Be tech-forward, not just tech-friendly

While the term “manufacturing” might still inspire visions of smokestacks and production lines, the truth is it’s a highly technological environment in this day and age. So, to nail an interview in this sector, you’ll need to be open to embracing technology entirely.

Even if tech isn’t something you do (or perhaps will) use in your day to day manufacturing job, it’s something the business you’re applying to work with does. That means it’s likely to come up in conversation. So, be sure to promote an encouraging approach to technology in the workplace; if it’s not something you know loads about, simply demonstrate that you’re open to learning. Equally, if you’re unsure: ask questions! Ask your interviewer about what technology you can expect to experience in the job and what its purpose is. In this instance, curiosity will pay dividends.

Remember your interview basics

Show up early. Show up well-presented. Show up prepared.


By remembering the basics, you’re taking with you an insurance policy. This way, if our first two tips on how to ace a manufacturing interview fail, you at least have something to fall back on.

Be sure to smile, make eye contact (even if it’s with a camera!) and communicate clearly. Make sure you look the part, are dressed professionally and well-groomed. Articulate your points well, studying your resume beforehand to ensure you have a ready answer to any questions which come up.

And for those asking – yes, all this applies in a video or telephone interview scenario too. Equally, whether it’s the first stage or final meeting, treat every interview as the important opportunity it could be.

As a specialist staffing agency to the manufacturing industry, we’re pretty well up to scratch on all of the above – and we want to pass that knowledge on to you. Working with our network of candidates and jobseekers to coach you on how to ace a manufacturing interview comes part and parcel with the work we do.

Regardless of where you’re at in your career, we’d love to talk about the positions we’re working on and how we can help you find your next opportunity. Get in touch with our awesome team of consultants today.

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