Changes in Enforcement and Fines in Skilled Trades in the Maritimes

Changes are coming in the construction industry in Nova Scotia. The province proposed increased fines and enforcement measures in the skilled trades “in order to ensure a more level playing field in the industry”.

The proposed amendments are to the Apprenticeship and Trade Qualifications Act and would give “Nova Scotia Apprenticeship Agency inspectors the authority to inspect sites at any time work is being performed and make it an offence to breach their orders.”
Breaches of orders and procedures will result in fines up to $50,000, a big raise from the previous maximum of $10,000. This change comes after “decades of complaints within the construction industry about companies who hire cheaper labourers when they should be using skilled tradespersons.” The goal of the increased enforcement and fines is thus to encourage companies to hire skilled labourers rather than cheaper, untrained individuals.
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