The Skilled Trades Talent Shortage: How Staffing Solutions Can Help

Many businesses today rely on skilled tradespeople, and this trend is only expected to grow. The pressure of finding skilled talent can be a lot, especially when your competition is fierce.

The good news is that staffing options are available to assist you in your search for qualified employees. Here are some of the most effective staffing options and how they can fill your skilled trades vacancies.


The Skilled Trades Talent Shortage

As the economy stands at a junction, more businesses are trying to hire skilled tradespeople. This high demand has created a talent shortage in many skilled trade areas, including construction, engineering, and manufacturing.

With over 650,000 unfilled positions in the construction sector alone, the shortage of skilled workers is a major threat to the U.S. economy.

Today, baby boomers make up the majority of the skilled trade workforce, and they are retiring. Unfortunately, not many younger millennials or Gen Z are ready to fill that huge gap.

The sentiments of the young generation may be shifting slightly, hoping for an optimistic incline. Stanley Black & Decker’s Marker Index found that 85% of young people see value in a skilled trade career. However, only 16% are highly likely to consider pursuing a skilled trade.


Combatting Skilled Labor Shortage

Generally, skilled workers are happy in their professions, but they are also experiencing less manpower in their respective segments, which can further the pressure on skilled workers.

According to Angi’s Second Annual Skilled Trades in America Report, 83% of personnel working in skilled professions are contented with their careers. More than three-quarters of those who work in skilled trades consider that the labor shortage has worsened over the years.

With the excessive labor shortage and high competition, businesses need to make a concerted effort to recruit and retain talented workers in these fields.

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Here are a few things you can do to combat the skilled trades talent shortage:

Recruit Internally

One of the quickest and budget-friendly ways to bring a skilled worker on board is to hire internally. If you have existing employees who are experienced welders, carpenters, or electricians, consider offering them training in that area so they can qualify for future roles in that sector.

Pursue the jacks of all trades

Many professionals often enjoy skilled work on the side as a part-time gig. For example, a software engineer may spend 10 hours a week fabricating metal for various clients.

While hiring such workers full-time may be tricky, bringing them onboard as part-time contractors can be a great way to fill urgent vacancies.

Partner with an expert staffing agency

A third-party staffing agency specializing in filling skill positions in specific industries or sectors can be an excellent way to hire talent.

Manufacturing is one of the most in-demand industries for skilled trades workers. Staffing agencies in a specific niche such as manufacturing have years of experience working with a large number of manufacturing clients.

These agencies fulfill your company’s need for hiring skilled personnel, such as welders, mechanics, automotive industry workers, electricians, machinists, and even programmers.


The Next Level Group (NLG) hires “rockstars and diamonds in the rough.” The NLG group understands the challenges manufacturing companies face and strive to hire high-quality, motivated, and productive employees across various manufacturing fields.

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