How to Perfect your Resume for the Skilled Trades

Crafting a resume is an art in itself. The common advice is to write a resume which highlights your skills and showcases your diverse yet relevant work experience. Often, it is suggested to tailor your resume to the specific job you are applying. While this is all very helpful general advice, it is also beneficial to consider the field in which you are searching for work when you craft your resume.

An article published on Workopolis asks: “How can you write a skilled trades resume highlighting the information most valuable to employers while teeing yourself up as the candidate to beat? Especially in an employment arena where things like word-of-mouth and personal references are highly prized?”
President and founder of Toronto’s RNW Electrical Systems, Ryab Kobelka shares that when looking through resumes of candidates, he looks for previous work skills, candidates that have done something similar, and who would be able to make an easy transition into his company”
How does a resume indicate that a candidate has developed strong work skills? For starters, using appropriate industry terminology helps. If you have experience driving a forklift, for example, listing the specific certification can indicate that you are knowledgeable in the field.
Bruno Rossi, president of Gimco Limited adds that it is important to be precise but also concise: “List your background, your licenses, any degrees or certificates you have and past projects you have worked on. Anything more than two pages, I don’t read.
In terms of read-ability of the resume, also be sure to proofread. While working in the trades does not explicitly require you to write detailed reports or do extensive reading, it is important to proofread and spell check. Good grammar can imply string communication skills and attention to detail—two abilities of strong candidates in the field. This holds true for cover letters as well.
Using these tips can help you perfect that resume and be the first step in landing your dream job! Once you’ve got your resume together, be sure to check out our job board to see what positions we have available. Let us help you take your career to the Next Level!

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