Dressing for Success in any Type of Interview

The common advice when dressing for an interview is to look professional. But considering the fact that in different industries, dress code varies so much, shouldn’t interview apparel vary as well?

Here at NLG we can supply some tips on what to wear for any interview (based on some great advice from Esquire.com).

The first thing to consider when dressing for the interview is what you would wear on the job, and dress accordingly.

If at the job you would wear….

A Suit and Tie, Always

Wear a suit and tie to the interview. It is best to dress simply, and cleanly. Esquire suggests a navy suit, white dress shirt, and plain tie.

A Suit, Sometimes

If you would wear a suit for big presentations, and can dress a little more casually otherwise, a suit is still a good option to show your dedication. Don’t be afraid to keep it a little less serious though. Skip the toe or wear a sweater under your suit jacket, suggests Esquire. Again, however, the goal is to look professional, polished and put together.

Never a Suit

“If you’re interviewing for something in the media or “creative” space—basically somewhere that has some guys in suits doing business things, but not on the team your interviewing for—wearing a suit can actually be detrimental” according to Esquire.com. Still, it is important to look professional. Dress pants and polo are a good option. Or dark pants and a cool jacket.


An interview is still the time to impress, so dress well, not sloppy.  Says Esquire:

“For those interviewing at places where hoodies, shorts, and sandals are the norm: It’s just as important to stay on brand. If you wear a suit, it will one hundred percent come off like you’re trying too hard. Of course, wearing sweatpants for your first impression probably isn’t a good idea either. Hit it somewhere in between with dark jeans, a clean tee, sharp sneakers, and a denim jacket. Comfortable and relatable. »

And most importantly, be confident in your outfit choice! Confidence and interest will show your dedication to the interview and the job! Hopefully these tip scan help you land your dream job! Be sure to check out our job board to see what opportunities we have for you to put your new interview dressing skills to the test!



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