Apprentice Electrician



Prince Edward Island



Job Description:


  • Inspect, repair, service and repair electrical devices and circuits of any voltage.
  • Install wiring on heating units, machinery controls, transforms and distribution panels.
  • Diagnose logic circuits.
  • Clean and lubricate equipment as required.
  • Build new cords and replace cord ends.
  • Service small job boards.
  • Replace fixtures.
  • IT duties may include maintain service, install new PC equipment and support network enabled equipment (security cameras, monitoring systems, etc).
  • Document workflow to completion.
  • Participate in project installations and work with repair crews as needed.
  • Assist with parts inventory.
  • Observe all safety rules and refer to the National Electrical Code as necessary.

Job Requirements:


  • 3 years experience as an industrial electrician.
  • Motor controls, power distribution, controllers, electrical codes and safety knowledge.
  • Mathematical knowledge associated with electronic circuits.
  • Attention to detail, time management and communication skills.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • 2 years Tech Degree is an asset.
  • IT education/knowledge is an asset.
  • Experience with electrical and pneumatic packaging equipment is an asset.